From This…..To That: Top Gun Then and Now Shots

Top Gun Cruise

And to top it all off the bottom photo was taken at Mann’s Chinese Theater at a ceremony to honor none other than Jerry Bruckheimer.  Granted the man has had his hand in some great films of the past, the stuff he puts out today is well…to be debated.

I’m still trying to get over this picture.  I really am.

Check out 5 more then and now top gun shots 

 Val Kilmer

Top Gun Top Gun

Anthony Edwards

Top Gun Top Gun

Tom Skerritt

Top Gun Top Gun

Rick Rossovich

Top Gun Top Gun

Tim Robbins

Top Gun Top Gun

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  1. That’s funny cause I never really found Kelly McGillis attractive in Top Gun (80’s haircut and clothes don’t help) but now I find her quite charming for a woman her age.

  2. I never thought Val Kilmer was all that hot anyway but holy hell, why did he allow himself to get so big? That has to be hurting his career.

  3. I think what has hurt Val Kilmer’s career more is his reputation for being a complete and total jerk.

    I always love now and then pics, usually (as in this case) 20+ years later and the normal – OMG’s that go with them.

  4. Okay, you can leave Tom Skerrit alone – he’s still hawt, Dallas does NOT age!

    Val – stop eating, dude, fo’ real. Just – STOP EATING. So much. Not everything. Celery’s okay. Shit!

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