Time Well Spent: Stunning Wars Mural Takes 450 Hours To Complete

No one would argue with the idea that the Star Wars movies have been among some of the most popular theatrical creations of all time. The truth is, many fans don’t consider Star Wars to merely be a series of movies. Instead, there is an entire universe that is created and based on these movies. If you doubt that statement, look at all of the books, comics, and other forms of art that have taken place as a direct result of the movies themselves. There is even an entire genre of material available in an alternate universe based on Star Wars. In other words, there is no shortage of material for the die-hard Star Wars fan. Thanks to artist James Raiz, there is now one more piece of material that is definitely worth paying attention to.

It might not surprise you that a detailed mural honoring Star Wars has been created. That statement probably wouldn’t surprise hardly anyone, especially given the overwhelming popularity of the series of movies to begin with. What might surprise you is that Raiz created this piece over a period of 450 hours of painstaking work. In fact, it took him more than seven months to finish this piece.

This is by no means his first detailed work based off of a movie. In fact, he is more frequently known as “TheBoxOfficeArtist.” He has several pieces that he has completed over the years, but Star Wars is easily one of the most detailed pieces that he has ever done. It’s also one of his proudest accomplishments. He created the mural out of several different sections, one for each movie that has been released up to this point. When it was all said and done, he put each of the separate sections together in order to create one mural that honored every Star Wars movie that has ever been released.

When you look at his art work, you notice all of the main characters that have played a pivotal role in the Star Wars universe. Not one has been left out. However, the thing that stands out and catches the eye the most is the lightsabers. You see the blue and the red colors signifying the differences between good and evil and these lightsabers have been captured in a way that they almost come to life. You truly expect the people that are portrayed on this mural to step out of it and begin having a fight, each wielding their own lightsaber right in front of you.

This is a mural that virtually every Star Wars fan will love. There’s simply no way not to fall in love with it. When you consider the amount of time that was spent in order to create it, it makes this accomplishment even more breathtaking. It is nothing short of amazing to believe that anyone could possibly pull this off, much less utilizing the detail that Raiz has the accomplished. There is no doubt about it, there isn’t a Star Wars fan alive that won’t enjoy looking at this mural and spending several minutes contemplating every piece of it.

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