Tim Burton’s Pokemon

He’s usually making movies involving Johnny Depp in make-up…or Johnny Depp voicing an animated character, but what if Tim Burton set his sights on something different? Pokemon, for instance.

This series by Hatboy shows the starter Pokemon rendered in Burton’s style. Big eyes, stitching, black, that’s really all you need. They manage to be simultaneously adorable and scary, which is not an easy feet.

Check out the other eight below, and even more on the artist’s site here

Check out the rest below

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  1. @jason
    Just because a person doesn’t view the world in the same “normal” way as everyone else doesn’t make it disgusting. Would you prefer Disney’s take on it, all pretty and frilly? Its an art style, just like anime and Van Gogh. It depends on the person drawing it and looking at it. Since you seem to know so much on the art subject why not share your disgusting work too. People are bound to like it. Try growing up a bit and leave unproductive comments elsewhere.

  2. @mr. right
    Umm and why not? I’m a 24 year old female and I loved this. To see something you’ve grown up with and still love viewed in a different way is always fun. I love both Pokemon and Tim Burton’s work. So to see them combined is awesome, even if Tim Burton himself didn’t do it. It’s in his art style which makes it cool in itself. It’s interesting to see exactly how many people are so narrow minded in what they like and what they want to see, hear, and feel. It’s like everyone has to fit in to some sort of box and be labeled in order for everything to be right in this world. It’s like saying a 60 year old man can’t enjoy watching Disney princess movies or that a 7 year old girl can’t enjoy watching a Nascar race.

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