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Sorry everyone, I’ll go ahead and apologize for the lack of trailers this week. For whatever reason all I could come across were a bunch of “international” trailers and a few miscellaneous ones that don’t seem to have big names attached to them. Not that those trailers are bad, but Summer has come to an end and Fall is upon us. That means the time of the blockbusters and pop corn flicks has come and gone. Now we can look forward to horror movies a plenty while we sit back and wait for Oscar season.

Let’s do this.



Holy crap – I did not realize where this trailer was taking me till half way through it. Anyone else get the sense that it’s kind of like Species? (Will I see this? – nope)


The Boy Next Door

J-Lo can’t seem to find a good guy or at least one that will leave her alone. (remember Enough?) Anyways, this one happens to be rated R so let’s hope it’s a bit more gritty than her previous endeavors. (Will I see this? – nope)


Maps to the Stars

Just how many movies does Julianne Moore do in a given year? It seems like she is one busy lady and quite psycho in this flick. Baffled by the talent that has been rounded up for this one. Potential for a rainy Friday night watch. (Will I see this? – rental)


Kill the Messenger

I enjoy Jeremy Renner when he isn’t trying to be a Bourne wannabe. He seems to fit the profile well of a news analyst/reporter/media guy that is seeking the truth of what appears to be quite the scandal. Throw in the fact that it’s based on a “True Story” and I’ll bite. (Will I see this? – yes)


Bang Bang Baby

Oh no – it’s the kid that did that god awful Dragonball movie. (No, I’m still not over it) I thought this was a musical and then the entire trailer just flip flopped into something competely mind boggling?! Anyone care to explain? (Will I see this? – nope)


Days & Nights

I thought I’d throw one more Sundance type trailer out at ya because that’s all I can seem to gather for this weeks’ post. Katie Holmes is arguably trying to seek out work and not sure what brought her attention to this one. I do like William Hurt among some of the others mentioned in this – but it all looks to be a bit too indulgent in my opinion. (Will I see this? – nope)


Again I apologize everyone on the lack of trailers this week. I swear I love movies and I would dare say that I’m a true fan of most genres. Yet, a lot of these this week just aren’t up my alley – and I don’t mean to put any of them down. By god if you think any of these trailers look to be to your taste – go out and see the film and let me know what you thought! I’m always game for a good recommendation!

What do you guys think about this week’s trailers? Any of them peak your interest? Sound off in the comments below. Yeah, I actually want to hear from you. Any trailers I might’ve missed? Take care and enjoy your movie filled weekend!


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  1. I’d been getting tired of Cronenberg’s films, but I think Maps to the Stars may actually be great. Some really interesting characters there.

    The Serena international trailer that just came out looks interesting too.

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