This Week In Movie Trailers!


Hey guys, it’s Friday and that means t-t-t-trailer time!

So, did anyone catch that LEGO movie on the weekend like I did? I knew going into it that I would enjoy the film because of the universally positive reviews and my love for LEGO as a kid, but man, was that ever a fun experience! Besides my eyes exploding from visual candy, it turned out to be a much deeper and touching movie than I was expecting. Anyway, go see it!

So, this week we have a whole bunch of different trailers to watch and comment on; shall we get right into it? Yes, let’s.


I’ve always liked Nick Cage and I am very much looking forward to seeing this.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

I really hope this is the last trailer (it’s not) for The Amazing Spider-Man 2, because each new one that is released is making me less and less wanting to take a trip to the theatres. Is it Andrew Garfield’s voice? Is it the lackluster effects? I’m not too sure. Let’s see what the critics think this May.

Under The Skin

What in the world is this film that I am going to be checking out?

Think Like a Man

Kevin Hart is a funny man when he’s doing standup, but, uhh, this is not for me (I stopped this trailer mid-way through).

The Purge: Anarchy

Though it had its shortcomings, I actually enjoyed the first film, so I am open to seeing this movie for sure. It looks creepy enough, though a bit more “extreme,” which has me worried. These kinds of films are most effective when they are smaller and more subtle.

Brick Mansions

RIP, buddy.

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