This is Why We Have the Internet: Nicolas Cage Disney Princesses

Nic Cage GIFs 8

It’s just one of those days where the randomness and determination of the internet just blows me away again. The project you see here is by Jen Lewis of Buzzfeed, who successfully tried to create the next viral trend by combining two things the internet (and I) love, Disney Princesses and Nicolas Cage.

Now, this may seem like an odd pair, but…well shit, it really is an odd pair. I mean are you freaking seeing what I’m seeing here? Of course, Nic Belle isn’t the only one. Rather, she’s grafted Cage onto a whole host of princesses in GIF form, each more unnerving than the last.

Proceed onward to see the rest of these, but be warned you may have some very strange dreams tonight.

Nic Cage GIFs 9

Nic Cage GIFs 7

Nic Cage GIFs 6

Nic Cage GIFs 5

Nic Cage GIFs 4

Nic Cage GIFs 3

Nic Cage GIFs 2

Nic Cage GIFs 1

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