These People Take Planking Pretty Seriously

We here at Unreality would like to think that we’re pretty current with the trends.   And while we understand thank planking doesn’t quite have the allure that “tebowing” has these days, there are still people out there that engage in the occasional plank.

Normally it’s not our practice to regurgitate these fads onto the public.  However, when we see the extremes people go to for their “craft” then it’s time to share the wealth.

And in these planking examples, it’s evident some people go to crazy lengths to get a good picture…..

Thanks to Wildammo for these photos

Check out more planking….

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  1. How is planking over? Didn’t that fad just catch on a few months ago? Shit moves to fast nowdays. Damn, now I sound old. Damn kids and their planking and their Guitar Hero dance games.

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