Why Batman Isn’t Really Tragic At All

When you think about Batman you realize that he’s many many things.  He’s rich.  He’s incredibly skilled at fighting.  He’s quite jacked (though that’s mostly his suit right?).  But one thing that he is definitely not is tragic.  Sure the guy was an orphan but wouldn’t you want to be an orphan if you had all of that at your disposal?  Come on!  It’s not like he even remembers his parents all that well.

And as the folks at Dorkly point out:

And what does Bruce Wayne do with his miraculous good fortune? He decides to dress up like a damn black ops furry and punch random street thugs at night. He spends millions outfitting himself with armor and cars and a secret cave-lab and all sorts of gadgets, instead of donating his money to charity, where it might actually do some good.

So the next time you think Batman’s life is “dark” or “tragic,” just remember he’s some dumb spoiled rich kid who dresses like a leather-daddy bat.

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