The Zelda Project: A New Level of Cosplay

Once upon a time I said there was no such thing as good Legend of Zelda cosplay. No matter what, when Link is translated into the real world, he always looks like a tool, or extremely feminine or both. In fact, the best Link cosplay I’d seen before this WAS a pair of girls.

But now we have The Zelda Project, a photo and costume set so well done, I’m forced to eat my words. It’s genuinely the first time I’ve ever seen Link look fantastic in the real world, and in this “Lost Woods” photo set, these aren’t just great costumes (Link’s childhood friend Saria is also featured prominently), but everything about each photo is pitch perfect. This is all real, and nothing is photoshopped except Navi the fairy. The team apparently traveled over a thousand miles round trip to get these photos in the Coast Redwoods of Northern California.

There are going to be more shoots in this series, set in other locales, and I can’t wait to see what else these talented folk have in store. Check out the rest of the Lost Woods photos below:

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  1. Zelda has a little sway in those hips in the first pic… 😐

    Its is very good work though. I can’t hate. And they found a child model who manages not to look scared, confused, or over excited.

    Good job.

  2. I’m sorry, but the hair, oh dear god, the hair. Link has never ever and never will have that much fringe. Plus he looks out of place as an adult next to child Saria. Oh and the model looks to young to look like Saria. Why did you make navi into a semi-human shape,it’s unnatural. All of this might just be my OCD but oh well•~•

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