The Walking Dead Review: “Hounded”

Well we’re doing something a little different today. Normally this is the spot where I’d be posting my weekly Dexter review, but as I’m home in Michigan with no Showtime on my parent’s TV, there’s going to be a bit of a delay, and I might have to do a double feature next Monday.

But one channel I do have access to? AMC, meaning I can still keep up with The Walking Dead which has been rather excellent this year in season three. I haven’t reviewed it previously, but I may start at some point. Here goes a trial run and I’m going to jump right in pretending I’ve been writing about it all along.

Last week was something of a recovery episode of the trauma that occurred when the group lost both Lori, T-Dog and (allegedly) Carol all in one catastrophic event caused by Asshole McPrisoner who the new Prisoner T-Dog killed. What’s his name, anyway?

Rick spoke exactly one word during the entire episode, which was “Hello” as he answered the phone when it rang mysteriously. This week we got an answer to the question of who was on the other end.

“Yes, this is crazy.”

If you’re like me, you were trying to guess who was talking the entire time. Was it Woodbury? Was it a new group that had been watching Carol perform zombie c-sections? Could she be with them? But alas, none of the above. It was just Rick being crazy, and manifesting his guilt in the form of a spooky phone call. It make sense in retrospect now when Hershel was listening to the obviously dead phone, and asks Rick if he wants to wait around for the next call. I heard that the first voice was Amy, and the last one was Lori. But who was the middle one? I didn’t catch the name. Was it T-Dog? He sounded like Cleveland from Family Guy. Did they actual bring people back to do the voices?

Rather, the big event turned out to be Michonne vs. Merle. The Governor dispatched a hit squad to take her out the woods, and they really should have figured out that wasn’t going to go well for them. A really awesome battle ensued, and Merle and her made it out alive while the other three didn’t. As soon as that young whipersnapper started questioning Merle, I knew his lifespan had decreased to a more few seconds.

As Andrea hooks up with the Governor in what’s likely to be the most ill-fated romance in apocalypse history, Merle and Michonne both encounter the lovebirds, Glen and Maggie, out on a supply run. Merle tries to play the “It’s me! Old Uncle Merle!” card, but Glen remembers in two seconds why it was that they chained him to a roof in the first place as he immediately tries to murder them.

So now we have Michonne going to the prison to tell Rick and the others about Woodbury and the hostages, and we have Merle with Glen and Maggie telling the Governor about the prison and the others. A showdown’s coming. I would pick whichever side has Michonne on it.

Fun torture times ahoy.

The bright spot of hope this episode was the fact that Daryl finally found Carol. Unfortunately, that entire plotline the last two weeks has been stupid. They didn’t find her body, yet said she was dead, and dug her a grave and filled it in with dirt again for some reason. Then when there’s a “zombie” banging on a blocked door in the hallway, they don’t investigate and even though she can CLEARLY hear them, she doesn’t say anything? I get that you might be a bit under the weather after a few days stuck in there, but COME ON! I don’t think the show could handle the same sort of “Sophia” moment for both her and her mom, and so Carol lives for now. I still want to know who was watching her earlier now.

Rick vs. the Governor is going to be a sight to behold. I don’t know what next week will bring, and I bet the confrontation is a bit further off, but big things are happening and this season continues to impress.


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  1. You still want to know who was watching carol? Umm could it have been the asshole prisoner who Rick assumed was dead only to escape and break back in causing the deaths of Lori and T-Dog?

  2. Great episode. So glad Lori died. She was just as awful in Prison Break (yes I watched it). However replacing her terribleness with extended Andrea scenes isn’t much better.

    Side rant: Think how horrible it would be if Tara from True Blood auditioned and got the part of Michonne. I shudder just thinking about it.

  3. K, I did warn you. Later Unreality, The latest forced ads aren’t worth it when more then half of this sites content is just links to other sites. I can find a new hub elsewhere.

  4. carol was pressing on the door with her foot(presumably) and it as weak, she couldnt speak, from being to tired or something.

    there was a zombie dead in front of the door.

    darryl and them walked past the door that was rocking between ajar and slightly less ajar. he said, “maybe one or two, they cant get the door open, we will get them on the way back”

    on his way back with carols knife he was going to go all “rick” on some zombies but it was carol inside.

    as others have said, the jerk prisoner, wanted revenge for rick locking him out in the basket ball court. so he fought back after watching for a while.

    as for the forced ads, i think hes talking about a pop up, sometimes when i click on a link i get one of those pages open up where if i x it out a pop up comes that says okay leave or stay on this page. its kindof annoying, and im thinking its my fault for having it rather than your sites fault. i cant be too certain, i dont get it on other sites.

  5. Nice review; enjoyed your take on it. I’m one of the five people who visit this site that don’t watch Dexter so was happy to see one for Walking Dead. 🙂

  6. The prisoner was named Andrew. It wasn’t him watching Carol because at the time, the 5 prisoners and Daryl, Rick and T-Dog were clearing out a cell block for them. I think the POV-from-the-woods shot was just a macguffin.

    As for the second voice, on the phone, it was Jim.

  7. @Paul – I believe Norton is referring to the insane amount of pop-up ads that come up on every page and the “forced ads” that you have to skip when you go page to page on this site.

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