The Walken Dead Redux

Yes, yes, I know I already featured a rendition of “The Walken Dead” a few weeks ago, but this one has far more photoshop poured into it, and I thought it was worth posting as well.

“Hey you! I’ve GOT to eat those brains!”

That’s my text impression of Christopher Walken. Read it in his voice and it totally works. Shut up.

Meanwhile, I continue to like The Walking Dead, but I have some concerns that the show recently fired its entire writing staff for season two. And why was this season only six episodes long? Annoying. What is this? South Park?

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  1. I agree with Darabont on his decision. The writing was just poor compared to the writing in the comics. The series overall has been pretty great but at the same time for readers of the comics it seems underwhelming. So much unnecessary stuff added that could’ve been left out to progress the story. Concerning the length of the season, I’m sure they would’ve wanted more episodes but AMC probably didn’t want to invest that much into televisions first zombie-tv show (bit of a risk if you ask me).

    You should start the comics, the series is veering away for so long from important things in the comics that you’ll actually enjoy the comics better.

  2. There’s only six episodes because it’s so damn expensive. Like every episode costs the same as a whole season of another show, or what it seems to me.

    It’s like with British TV. You either get short, expensive looking episode or long, crappy looking episodes because Great Britain has a smaller population and, thus, a smaller TV viewing population.

  3. There’s only six episodes of the first season because AMC wanted the premiere of the pilot to be on Halloween, so Darabont only had the summer to film the episodes. He was crunched for time and could only crank out 6 episodes.

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