The Starting Pistol Shot of Skyrim Cosplay in 2012

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As the game has been such a massive hit, I’m a little surprised it’s taken me this long to finally spot a quality bit of Skyrim cosplay. Naturally, it’s a cute girl (well, as cute as anyone can be with an iron mask on), and I respect her for not wearing fur-chain mail bikini armor.

It is hard to cosplay this game however, as really the only signature thing about any of the world’s 5000 characters is the Dragonborn horn helmet from all the promotional materials. I suppose you could spend months crafting full dwarven, dragon or daedric armor sets, but I can’t really think of any NPC you could dress up as without it just seeming like you were cosplaying some random medieval character or barbarian.

I guess this has just made me realize that the game really needs some more iconic characters who aren’t laid-back Jarls or doorway obstructing companions.

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