The Slow Evolution of Superman’s Shield

superman shield

Superman is coming back to theaters at long last this Friday, and the folks at are banking on the fact that people are going to want to dress up as the superhero this year, if the move is a success.

They’ve compiled a rather interesting graphic which you can see above, chronicling the evolution of Superman’s “S” shield, which as he reminds us in the trailer “isn’t an S, on my planet, it’ means hope.” “Well, here it’s an S.” Lois Lane, you so sassy.

I didn’t even realize it started that far removed back in 1938. I think my favorites are 1996’s Kingdom Come variant, and actually, this modern Man of Steel one. They’ve really done a good job with that.

In other news, I’m a bit sad that Man of Steel is only at a 69% on RT right now. Was hoping for some Dark Knight level awesomeness.

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