The Nerdiest Pieces of Clothing Black Milk Has to Offer

Black Milk is a strange brand to me. I like that they’re trying to appeal to geek culture by putting nerdy prints all over their clothes, but a lot of the time it comes off as very hipster-ish. You will likely remember their stylings from the R2D2 and C-3PO swimsuits they had before George Lucas shut them down, but they have a whole host of other geek prints that I’ve featured below.

Like, the R2 suit is one thing (and I’ve compiled a gallery of girls who bought it), but what sort of girl wears a dress with The One Ring from LOTR all over it? Someone trying really, really hard to be ironic, that’s who. But ah well, hipsters can have their fun I guess, and there’s no point in hating.

Check out this blonde Asian girl modeling a bunch of their other nerdy looks, and any hipster or legitimately cool ladies out there can head to their store to pick up anything they see here. Except the droid suits. Because George Lucas will kill and eat you.

Update: Guh Geekologie, I wrote this yesterday as a draft and now I look like a copycat since it went up today. Great minds I suppose… Plenty of blonde Asian girls to go around though.

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  1. Some of these are cool, but that dress with Steve Buscemi’s face plastered on it is putrid to me. I’m not a fan of the Jack Nicolas one either.

  2. I have tattoos from the original Alice in Wonderland pictures, as well as owning that swimsuit, am I qualified to wear it yet? Or would I just be trying to be hipster (as I fail to see what would be ironic about it)?

  3. I’m a girl who has watched Lord of the Rings and all of the Star Wars films many many times. I love them. But apparently that’s hipster and try-hard nowadays. Why can’t girls wear stuff like this without being branded with these titles? Why can only guys wear ‘geeky’ stuff and get away with it? I think it’s disgusting how you’ve judged girls like this, people should be allowed to wear what they want without the possibility of being judged by people like you, but you’re clearly too far up your own butt to see that. I think this whole post is just a pathetic dig at girls that you probably secretly think are hot and amazing as anything. If I was a guy I would personally think it would be awesome if my girlfriend genuinely loved LOTR and Star Wars and stuff like that. Grow up and stop judging others.

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