The Most Iconic Accessories To Appear on Film

Oftentimes, the reasons a film becomes memorable are the dramatic acting, a gorgeous soundtrack, beautiful cinematography or even simply the amazing stunts; but there are rare occasions when an inanimate object actually steals the show. Could a ring, watch, or necklace have more star power than Brad Pitt or Jennifer Lawrence? Well, probably not, but there are many famous accessories to have appeared in popular movies which cinemagoers have discussed long after the credits have rolled.

Harry Potter’s glasses

Those perfectly round glasses have arguably become more representative of Harry Potter than his famous lightning-shaped scar. Harry’s glasses have been broken/repaired and lost/found more times than perhaps even he would care to admit, but despite all the battles and dramas that the Chosen One has been through during each movie, his frames have managed to stay on his face and helped him win the fight against his nemesis, Voldemort (primarily by letting him see correctly).

Indiana Jones’ hat

It is honestly impossible to picture Indy without his trademark hat, and even though his trusty whip is a bit more important in terms of saving his life, that hat just feels more seminal. In The Last Crusade, we discover that a young Indy received the hat from another treasure hunter. He evidently liked the spirit of the plucky kid, saying, “You lost today, kid, but that doesn’t mean you have to like it” while placing the famous fedora on Indy’s head. It’s also hard to forget the legendary scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark, where Indiana dashes through a rapidly closing door, only for the hat to fall off and, when you think it’s just a hat, we see Indy’s hand poke out and grab it just before the door closes. Amazingly, work has begun on a fifth Indiana Jones movie, although it’s said to be actor Harrison Ford’s final performance in the role.

James Bond’s watch

Despite the much grittier and badass version of Bond that came with the Daniel Craig-era, there will always be a place for expensive watches in the 007 films. What started out as simply a handsome accessory for the secret agent to wear in the early films, quickly shifted to a genuinely useful gadget in later entries to the franchise, with the watch being able to cut handcuffs, explode on cue, shoot a grappling hook and also be used as a laser. Although Rolex was the supplier of Bond’s watch for a long time, Omega took over the reins in 1995’s GoldenEye. Since then, the watch on-screen has always been the latest Omega Seamaster, and, if you’re a collector of all things Bond, we’re 100% sure there are some decent vintage models up for grabs if you look online.

Frodo Baggins’ ring

Of course, the most important accessory on this list would have to be The One Ring – the one to rule them all. Although created by Sauron, and worn by both Gollum and Bilbo Baggins, it’s Frodo who has to take the hard, dark path to Mount Doom and destroy the cursed ring once and for all in The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Other than turning the wearer invisible, the ring also provides unnaturally long life to its owner and, perhaps most devastatingly, has a particularly strong hold that makes giving it up easier said than done.

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