Louis CK Reveals the End of American Hustle’s Ice Fishing Story

Louis CK is moving up in the world, as evidenced by his recent turn in Oscar favorite American Hustle. He plays an FBI desk jockey constant abused by Bradley Cooper’s upstart agent, and is constantly trying to finish a story about ice fishing with his father and brother as a kid. It’s meant to be a cautionary tale, but Cooper keeps interrupting before he ever gets to the point, and the film ends without a resolution.

Now, on Leno, CK has finished the ice fishing story, and you can hear the end for yourself if you saw Hustle and were wondering how it ended like I did.

Also, I love this comment on the video, which can have you watch the film in a completely new way:

“Imagine the entire movie as an episode of Louie. Taken from Louis’s character’s point of view, it’s the story of this guy struggling to get through the bullshit of another day at work while his insecure, psychotic employee keeps going off the handle and interrupting this touching story from his youth.”

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