The Justice League of the Americas

I went through a cowboy phase when I was about five, and then again when I played Red Dead Redemption about a year ago. I also have gone through a superhero stint for uh, let’s say twenty years, and so it’s interesting to see two of my interests collide in such a fashion.

As you can see, the Justice League of the Americas imagines the legion of superheroes had they existed over a century ago in the Wild West. The man responsible would be artist Ted Bandits, and he has individual character profiles for each character in the collection. My favorites are probably “Lawman” and the Bryce “Black Bat” Wayne.

Check out the whole series below, and head to Bandits’ site for more.


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  1. honestly…. The only Aquaman i do not find pathetic… is the one from the Justice League. the 2001 cartoon. He was buff. he had long blond hair. he had a beard and mustache… and best of all? he had a fucking hook on his fucking hand… He was Badass… And NOTHING like the Pansy assed pussy aquaman was or tends to be. this aquaman is ok. not as good as that aquaman. but ok…

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