The Joker Trilogy



Artist Chris Brake has made his own Batman trilogy with mugshots of the three most famous live-action Jokers from popular culture. There’s Ledger above, and you can see Nicholson’s and Romero’s below. If I had to include one more, it would be the Mark Hamill-voiced animated version, as that was the one I grew up with, and that laugh is burned into my brain forever.

When do you think the next time is that we’ll see a live action Joker? Namely, will Zack Snyder’s movies with Affleck Batman, or FOX’s Gotham get there first? Gotham is planting little hints about the arrival of the Joker all throughout the first season, and I can’t imagine they’ll be able to restrain themselves for more than a year, so that’s where my money is.

Check out the other two below:



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