The Joke Hoodie Trend Gets Magnetic


I’ve brought up  my distaste for really expensive, really impractical hoodies that I don’t understand the market for. Now, I have a new one to wonder about, this new Magneto hoodie that allows you to become the ’90s version of the famed villain. Here’s the official description:

“Max Eisenhardt wanted to dominate the human race with the help of mutants. When he was eventually able to pull his magnetic field away from his refrigerator, he re-named himself Magneto and put on an outfit very similar to this X-Men hoodie. This costume hoodie may not give you electromagnetic powers, but with a hood that resembles Magneto’s telepathic-resistant helmet, people will give you the respect a super villain deserves.”

Like, if you wear these in public, people will think you’re insane. If you wear them to a comic con, people will think you slacked on a costume. The mystery continues…

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