The Internet.


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From CollegeHumor comes this Simpsons-esque mural of all the internet memes you can ever possibly think of over the last ten years or so. As I’m a recovering reddit addict, I do indeed recognize the vast majority of these, I’m ashamed to say. Really, almost all of them.

I’d love to see a chart of how many of these real life memes became super rich because of their internet fame (Psy) and how many just had their lives ruined (Star Wars kid).

I think my favorite it Xzibit holding up a poster of the poster he’s in. Good work, you clever artist you.



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  1. The internet can never be truly captured in a single drawing. Only a slideshow or a list could capture its sole. Call it “The 8 greatest memes that best represent the internet that you haven’t seen”.

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