The Headlines of The Gotham Gazette During The Dark Knight Rises

I may love The Dark Knight Rises, even more than a lot of you it seems, but I’m all for recognizing funny plot points as they crop up. The folks at Jest came up with this series of Gotham Gazette titles that point out some of the large plot holes from the movie. And yes, I’ll admit it does have a few.

These are pretty hilarious though, and feature everything from simultaneous deaths of public figures, to the refusal to name a cat burglar, to the clown that was somehow left in jail. Definitely check out the whole series below.

Middle click to quickly open each picture in a new tab.

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  1. These are awesome because they acknowledge most of the plot holes my friends and I have been talking about since seeing the movie. I’m especially glad someone else noticed the magical traction he gets that fixes his dislocated spine so easily.

    I didn’t even think about the Joker one, which is odd since I, along with everyone else, wanted the Joker to make a cameo at least, since we had all heard about the mysterious “full movie’s-worth” of extra footage they filmed for Dark Knight.

  2. Actually, didn’t Bruce Wayne disappear a few weeks before Batman’s death? As far as I remember, he didn’t make any public appearances as Wayne after he escaped from the prison. Considering how many people died over the course of the movie, it’s not that obvious of a coincidence.

  3. I don’t really get what is a plot hole about the Bane one. I’m no doctor but the rope thing didn’t strike me as too improbable either, and I believe he was in that prison for a few months.

    I can see why they left Joker out and think it was probably for the best.

    The fact that Catwoman was never actually called Catwoman is annoying, but not really a plot hole that I can see. You can explain away the Bruce Wayne/Batman one but yeah, that is a bit of a plot hole. To me the biggest hole was the doctor being dead. I don’t think a plane crash would leave behind recognizable bodies so I would not have assumed the doctor was actually dead. I also think the stock market thing was a plot hole. Bane’s attack wasn’t exactly subtle so you wouldn’t think it should be too hard to prove fraud -_-

  4. Bruce would be one of probably dozens (if not hundreds) of the city’s elite who would have disappeared leaving no trace. Do people think the bodies of every bigwig walked into the frozen river were found?

  5. Wait, batman dissapeared 8 years ago, the same night that guy Dent died, the same Harvey Dent that admited on TV in front of a lot of witnesses that he was Batman? That’s suspicious

  6. joker was in arkham asylum. bane released prisoners from blackgate prison.

    lots of rich people died after being judged by scarecrow. bruce wayne was one of them.

    stock market situation was known fraud but still took time to clear up. it was stated in the movie.

    there was nothing cat-like about selina kyle’s outfit except that her goggles kinda looked like ears on her head.

  7. Seriously guys, if you haven’t seen the movie this far, it’s nobody’s fault but yours if you get all spoiled by a website that has been showing Batman articles for a month.

  8. Alvaro – Yeah, but shortly after he said that, plenty of people saw Batman save him from the Joker. IIRC a number of cops saw him fleeing from the scene of Dent’s death too.

    I’ve been told the novelization actually says Joker is Arkham Asylum’s sole inmate at the time of the film. All the others, including Crane, had been moved to Blackgate. To be honest, I think the Joker probably would have cameoed in the film if Ledger had not died.

    And as others have said, Wayne and Batman seemingly dying around the same time wouldn’t be suspicious at a time when the wealthy and powerful are being targeted for death.

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