What Heaven is Like: The Slave Leia Car Wash


I’m not sure what charity this was raising money for, but I’m sure their coffers are overflowing after possibly the single greatest fundraiser of ALL TIME.

Sure, this was supposed to be a “Star Wars car wash,” but really, who wants their car to be washed by Chewbacca (though he does have the fur coat to get the job done quickly by rolling around on the hood of your car). Naturally, team Slave Leia stole the show, and thus fulfilled a bunch of males’ lifelong fantasies.

Now, I’ve posted some of the greatest pictures I’ve ever seen after the jump here, along with a video from the event. If this doesn’t brighten your day, I’m honestly not sure what will.







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  1. You guys can have the Leia’s, I got dibs on the dressed down storm trooper.

    (And by dibs I mean I’ll stare at her “assets” more than any other chick…..)

  2. don’t quote me on this, but I think the underdressed storm trooper is playboy model/g4 tv host sara underwood.

    and yes, i’ll have her over all the leia’s

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