The Evolution of Nicolas Cage’s Hair


Nicolas Cage is perhaps the only actor working today who is best known for his hair. Some actors have faces, some have talent, but Cage stands alone, with his hair as the defining part of nearly all of his roles.

Above you see his hair timeline over the past X amount of years. I know I’ve seen most of these movies, but even I won’t profess to know what each of them are. Now we play the fun little game where you try to guess as many as you can, and we solve the puzzle together.

Where’s his Falcon Hair?

[Derek Eads]

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  1. Well, I think top right is Raising Arizona, under that is clearly Con Air, the one half in flames must be Ghost Rider, and the one to the right of that one is Fu Manchu from the Grindhouse trailers.

    Top left might be from Fast Times at Ridgement High. Other than that I think I’m out.

  2. Teh one beside Raising Arizona is Peggy Sue Got Married. Bottom left is from Next, the one above it is Castor Troy from FaceOff. The one next to that one is from Gone in 60 Seconds. The one with the moustache at the bottom is from that WTC movie.

  3. Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Valley Girl, Rumble Fish, Peggy Sue Got Married, Raising Arizona
    Moonstruck, Vampire’s Kiss, Wild at Heart, Kiss of Death, Con Air
    Face/Off, Adaptation, World Trade Center, Ghost Rider, Grindhouse
    Next, Kick-Ass, Sorcerer’s Apprentice

    also, giving a little credit to the guy who actually did it MIGHT be a good idea… here and in JoBlo

  4. Had no idea where it came from. Thanks for letting me know.

    Artists should start at least signing their stuff like this so when someone puts it on Imgur, someone like me can trace it back to them.

  5. wow, this is awesome… i happen to love nicolas cage, even though it started out as more of a joke… he quickly became my guilty pleasure. i will watch anything with him in it. sad to say, i couldn’t figure out 2 of them. thanks @pFranks for the list.

  6. I just watched Bad Lieutenant and his performance reminded me why this guy gets so much love from critics and disdain from them when he does those awful summer blockbuster flicks instead of more work like this.

  7. Thank you very much #pFranks and Paul Tassi I appreciate it, and trust me I will make sure my name is on every image in the future. I just had no idea this would become as popular as it did. And if anyone is interested I am currently re-illustrating this with some more hairdos thrown in and will be making posters of it very soon. – Derek Eads

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