The Cast and Crew of Batman and Robin Explain The Disaster They Created

I thought this may have been some sort of 15 year later retrospective, but its actually the official “making of” featurette of the movie, Batman and Robin, where the cast and crew gather to talk about why exactly it was the disaster it was.

The half an hour video may seem long, but it was worth it to me to hear people like Joel Schumacher and Chris O’Donnell more or less rip on their own film .They even brought in Val Kilmer to talk about it, and he wasn’t even in it!

Their story is that the movie was forced to be too rushed, too family friendly and too toy-centric, and so it never had a chance to be anything close to good.

[via io9]

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  1. I think it was bad for us, the fans of batman. But the movie wasnt made for us. It was made for kids. That was the core demographic, and the kids loved it. We as fans felt betrayed cause the movie was so family and toy friendly that it wasnt really a good DARK KNIGHT, it was a childish batman.

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