The Best Way to Get Through Dark Souls


My experience with Demon’s Souls has been well-documented, and needless to say I don’t think I’m going to be playing its follow-up Dark Souls any time soon as a result, but if I do, now I know what to do.

This short animation shows the best strategy of getting through the game, and it doesn’t have to do with perfectly timed attacks or memorizing trap patterns. It’s an upgrade that let’s you do a “haters gonna hate” stride through the entire game.

Is this spell really as good as the video makes it out to be?

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  1. Gotta disagree there Tony. Ive complted the game up till new game++, and Iron Flesh is OP as hell. The best example is the last boss. Up until the last boss, I hadnt used it at all on my first playthrough, but without it, he just became way too difficult for me to handle, after finding out how powerful it is fully upgraded, the game became easy, even on new game++.

    So Imo, it really is as OP as the video describes, but on the other hand, most of the ‘main bosses’ of Dark souls are jokes. Bed of chaos (easiest boss in the game), Seath The scaleless and Nito were all joke bosses. Gwyn lord of cinder is equally easy, if you just use Iron flesh.

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