The Best Onscreen Wonder Woman in Eons

Above we have a short film by Rainfall which attempts to convey how badass Wonder Woman would be if anyone ever devoted the resources to making her cool. So far in recent years, all we have is a failed pilot and a promised upcoming CW show, and we’re still a long way from a movie.

But when we get one? I hope it looks something like this. For a small studio to produce something this cool speaks wonders to the evolution of technology and talent. The choreography may need work, but the visuals are fantastic, and Wonder Woman’s costume is incredibly badass. Way more so than this nonsense was at least.

It’s barely two and a half minutes, so take some time and give it a watch. There is a way to make Wonder Woman cool, and they’ve stumbled upon at least one or two necessary ingredients here.

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  1. The fight choreography needs some work and the low-budget nature shows some. All that said, it really is great and certainly amazingly well done considering it appears to be a fan project. Costume is definitely far closer to what an actual WW costume should look like if they ever get around to making a movie.

    Query, I’m not a huge WW fan but since when was she basically Superman without the heat vision, x-ray vision, and kryptonite weakness? Is it even possible to defeat her?

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