The 10 Best Cast Siblings in TV Sitcom History

I’m guessing it’s tough to grow up being a single child.  I mean all you have is your parents?  That’s gotta suck.  I know that God willing when I have children that I hope I can provide the first child with a brother or a sister.  And that also translates onto television.

I mean how often do you see single child families?  Not too often.  Which is why it’s great that TV shows insert a bunch of kids who have funny dynamics just like in real life.

Some shows do it better than others.  Here are the 10 best casted siblings in TV sitcom history….

Niles and Frasier Crane – Frasier

For the sheer fact that these two actually look and talk like brothers in real life.  Honestly it never got better than this on television.  To this day I’m still in awe about how much these guys are alike.

Kevin and Wayne Arnold – The Wonder Years

No better display of big brother/little brother took place than on The Wonder Years.  Wayne was such a prick that it was awesome.  It got worse when they became older and got along better.   I’m not counting the sister here.

Kelly and Bud Bundy – Married with Children

These two managed to jab at each other for the entire run of the show.  A feat that will not be matched.  It all went to shit once that Seven kid showed up.

The Huxtable Kids (Except Sandra) – The Cosby Show

Like I said, except for Sandra, this was a flawless family.

Ross and Monica – Friends

I never really liked the show but it’s not often that you just see a brother/sister pair on a sitcom.  Also, it’s nice to see a kids dynamic in adults which Ross and Monica definitely had.

Michael, Lindsay, Gob, Buster, Bluth – Arrested Development

Jesus Christ I could write an entire article about this clan but let’s just say you guys agree here  Good.

Alex, Mallory,  Jennifer – Family Ties

It was really Alex that made this crew but Mallory was pretty awesome.  Jennifer was useless but still fun in her younger days.   But I have to say the combo of Fox and Bateman really kicked as on this show.  And no I’m not including Brian Bonsall.

The Bradford Clan – Eight is Enough

Too old for my time but too many people have told me I had to add them.

The Brady Bunch – The Brady Bunch

Come on.  You think I’d leave them out?

Raymond and Robert Barone – Everyone Loves Raymond

When you put a giant cop next to his little brother who he’s completely jealous of you have a good formula.  And it definitely worked with these guys.  I don’t put this show up there with the likes of other greats but I did love watching these guys jab back and forth.

*P.S. I refuse to add Two and a Half Men.

Other notables:  Wally and the Beaver, Full House Girls, My Three Sons, Happy Days, Charles in Charge

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  1. Yeah, Dennis and Dee for sure. For sure for sure for sure.

    Claire and Mitchell are also a good pair, but it’s only been one season so let’s see if the writers give us growth or it gets stale.

    I’m also going to throw the Venture brothers out there, even though the article has “casted” in the title, making this nomination illogical. But seriously: Venture Bros.

  2. Totally agree with Niles and Frasier; they’re still probably the best sitcom siblings ever. 🙂

    It might be a little early for them to make the cut, but I like how Modern Family handles all of its sibling relationships (adult and young’uns alike).

  3. No Joe and Brian Hackett from Wings? They’re my favorite set of adult siblings on any TV show! I also would have added the Simpson children too.

    And even though i was never much of a fan, I think the brothers from Prison Break should be on here. How many other siblings would bust their brother out of jail like that?

  4. Well… technically in Arrested Development…


    Only Michael and Gob were fully siblings. Buster was (more than likely) Oscars son, and Lindsay was adopted.

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