The Adventures of Technologically Impaired Duck

Yeah, sometimes meme posts can be lame, but this one struck close to home with me, and it probably will with you as, most of you probably have tried to give tech advice to someone who is illiterate on the matter before. I personally have experienced a number of these first hand, though I will say my parents are getting better. Hi Mom!

Check out the rest of Technologically Impaired Duck’s adventures after the jump, and the next time someone asks you for help, instead of rolling your eyes just think of what they’re saying in duck form and smile.

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  1. I’d really appreciate it if you guys could go back to posting all the pictures together instead of this gallery format. I hate having to reload the page every time I click on a picture.

  2. Yeh this gallery style is pretty annoying, it’s way better just to be able to scroll and see all of them instead of having to go back and forth between pictures.

  3. My favorite offshoot of Advice Dog is actually Depression Dog. Reading those makes me laugh every time. The other one I thought was hilarious was the Courage Wolf one stating something like “parents walk in on you masturbating….look them in the eyes and finish like a beast.” Genius.

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