The Achilles Heel of Superheroes and Villains


Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive – Superman is almost indestructible. However, the Man of Steel has the most famous Achilles heel in comic history. Confront him with Kryptonite, and he immediately loses his powers. Superman isn’t the only comic book character with a significant weakness. Heroes and villains alike can be defeated with adamantium, and many characters depend on their suit to survive. Morphsuits charted the Achilles Heel of famous superheroes and villains, from Wolverine to the Green Lantern. Explore these weaknesses in the infographic above!

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  1. Nice.

    …except why is Magneto the only person affected by ‘fatigue’ and ‘severe injury’?

    e.g. What about the time Bane broke Batman’s back, does that not constitute as ‘severe injury’?

  2. I don’t see Batman or Iron man anywhere on here. Both (while awesome) are dependent on an item/suit, and Iron Man had an alcohol problem, which could go under “chemical” “dependency” “emotion” and “stress.” Batman is also dependent on weapons, and both are susceptible to illness and physical injury, along with mental and emotional strain. So from what I’m seeing (and I’m probably wrong) it seems that superheroes who are entirely human were left off of this chart?

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