The Absolute Best Cosplay from Comic-Con 2012

What, you thought I was going to go the whole week without posting a definitive gallery of the best cosplay from Comic-Con this year? I might not have gone to SDCC myself, but it was a blast going through Tested’s 600 picture gallery of all the costumes from the show. The photos are from Norman Chan, and I’ve lifted about 40 or so I deemed the best out of his collection, but I highly recommend checking out the whole thing.

It makes me think I wouldn’t even bother dressing up, as these costumes are just too damn good to compete with. Check out the gallery below, and see if your favorites line up with mine. It really is astonishing how good some of these are, and the show looks like an absolute blast to go to. Someday…

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  1. Gone are the days, 2005, when we used to be able to go to San Diego in July and go to the San Diego Convention Center wait in line for an hour to go into the Convention ctr and go see and meet all the great the comic book gods (writers, creators, artists, etc..), up and coming artists looking to get into the comic industry by showing off thier talent in the middle of the floor (remember the long white tables? anyone?), vendors with thier fab wares (toys!), new and upcoming comics, and a whole mess of “comic book” related events going on everywhere. And it only took a person 5 minutes to get to the bathroom. NOW………… I HATE WHAT SDCC TURNED INTO. Still love the people who dress up though. Unless they’re wearing Sh*t that’s to big for them that they are more like snowplows pushing everyone away.

  2. Neal Adams had a really nice point about it on Facebook:

    “Next Up, San Diego! Hollywood will be there, giving everyone free stuff, while dealers, and artists, watch the wild-eyed movie fans stream by to get that magical signature, and rub elbows with the stars. Pretty heavy competition. Pretty hard to get their attention back onto comics, even though all that Hollywood stuff is based on comic books. I guess we made our own monster, and you know what, we’ve got to live with it. Maybe we can get Hollywood to more directly support the comic books, since it’s the trough they feed from. Wouldn’t that be nice?”

  3. It used to just be nerds dressing up, now it looks like a lot of women desperate for attention. “I’m an actress”, I’m sure you are honey, don’t forget to refil my iced tea…

  4. The girls dressed as Avengers characters were on a MTV live stream, me and my sister were on it with them!! she was rogue and i was Peter Parker. Great comic-con this year!

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