The 8-Bit Meat of Video Game Characters

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I honestly can’t tell you how some artists think of their ideas, but Jude Buffum got it in his head that video game characters would be delicious if butchered and served, and that’s how we got this series of pictures which shows various classic 8-bit characters hacked up and served into various dishes.

It’s not as graphic as it sounds, as these are NES graphics we’re talking about, and I really would like to try some Ganon bacon or Bowser steak. Deliciously evil. But it’s not all bad guys who are on the chopping block. How about some Yoshi tongue stew or some Chocobo wings? Yeah, not so funny when it’s characters you love huh?

Check out the rest of the selections below, and click on any of them to blow them up so they’re readable.

[via Geekologie]

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