That Guy Actor of the Week: Taylor Negron

I can’t believe we’ve never posted Taylor Negron before.    This is a guy that I think it’s safe to say all of you who are reading this will recognize.    Personally I’ll always remember Taylor for playing the pizza guy in Fast Times in Ridgemont High but Negron has got a pretty big list of titles.

He’s appeared in over 124 spots on TV and in Film.   He’s got a background in stand up and I don’t think I’ve ever disliked him in any role I’ve seen him in.  Of my personal favorites I enjoyed his role as a rich Brazilian tycoon in Nothing But Trouble and a weird funky hairdresser on Seinfeld who says “Tomata Sauce.”  Oh yes and a lazy ass couch potato in Encino Man.

But honestly, take your pick.   He’s been in tons of stuff.   Check out a clip of Negron after the jump


Here’s Negron as the Pizza guy.  Nothing special but I thought it was funny

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