That Guy Actor of the Week: Mark Margolis

I will never forget the first time I saw Mark Margolis.   It was in the movie Ace Ventura:  Pet Detective, and to this day Mr. Shickadance remains one of my favorite characters that Margolis has ever played.    Granted it was a tiny, dumb role where he played a landlord, it was still memorable to me.

But alas, Margolis has 122 titles to his name and for those of you who love Scarface, he was kind of a badass in that movie.  Oh and not to mention his character’s name was Alberto the Shadow.

Anyway, we love Margolis and check out a clip of him after the jump…


Told you I loved Mr. Shickadance.

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  1. He was Jimmy in The Equalizer as well. Probably the best character in the the whole series playing the quiet hang dog battered by life type of guy who could suddenly be ruthlessly efficient.
    The man is a brilliant character actor and is still working tremendously hard.

  2. The first time I saw that guy was in Oz, the HBO prison show and his performance in Breaking Bad as the paralyzed mob guy was truly Emmy-worthy… So, now he’s so associated with ganster roles to me that everytime I see him pop up in a different role, like a priest or something, it kinda makes me smile…

  3. @Patty. Totally agree with the Tio Salamanca reference. I’ll never hear a bell chime the same way after his Breaking Bad performances…

    “Everytime a bell rings, an angel gets its wings… and Tio Salamanca wants you to watch out for poison burritos.”

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