That Guy Actor of the Week: Jordan Lund

Whenever there’s someone from Long Island I always like to pay attention.   Jordan Lund grew up not to far from me.  Anyway, he’s an actor who I’m sure you guys recognize and I would guess none of you knew his real name.    Lund has 69 credits on his IMDB Profile but has appeared in literally over one hundred plays.

Lund typically plays either a bad guy or a cop.   It’s almost tough to pinpoint what this guy has even been in.  I happened to like him in the movies Lock Up and Speed.   Other than that you might recognize him from television and even some bit Sci Fi roles.

Hopefully I’ll get a chance to see him in a NYC play before all is said and done.  A clip of Lund after the jump….


Here he is as a cop in Fletch Lives.

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