That Guy Actor of the Week: Jim Broadbent

I was trying to place Jim Broadbent in my head and honestly had a tough time doing it.  Then I realized that the guy is in the Harry Potter movies as professor Horace Slughorn.   However upon further research I realized that was cutting Broadbent extremely short.

Jim’s been around for quite some time.  Broadbent is an English actor and he’s got 124 titles to his name.   But that doesn’t include the tons of work he’s done in the theater.  You guys might know him best from films such as Gangs of New York and Moulin Rouge.

He’s got a strange face and it lends itself to weird character roles.  And of course he was in Time Bandits!  Check out a clip of Broadbent after the jump…


Here he is winning a Golden Globe back in 2002.

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