That Guy Actor of the Week: Billy Drago

You’ll always know who Billy Drago is if you saw the movie The Untouchables.   He was one of the coolest assassins in movie history. Drago is well-known for his villainous parts (leading or supporting), and he is renowned for his rugged, yet scary looks and evil smile.

Bottom line.  He’s great at playing freaky parts.  He’s your ideal man for playing the guy you see walking on the street that you really don’t want any part of.   Amazingly he’s got 105 titles to his name which I had no idea of.

Other cool roles he played…well I don’t really know because 90% are B movies.  But trust me, you know this guy.   A cool clip of Drago after the jump…


This is amazing!  Had no idea he was in a movie with Chuck Norris and that they nearly make out.

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