That Girl Actor Of the Week: Patrika Darbo

Just the other day I was watching a great episode of Seinfeld.  It was the one where George slips his old Boss, Rick Barr, a Micky.   In that episode he tells a woman he works with to move away from her chair and that if she doesn’t, he’s removing her wig.   Anyway, that woman is none other than Patrick Darbo.

And when you see her in that episode you realize that she’s been in a ton of stuff.   Darbo was a much heavier set woman earlier in her career and you’d recognize her as clear as day from her older movies.   Some you might remember her in are movies like In the Line of Fire and The Client.

Recently she played a landlady in Dexter (2010) and right now has 2 films in post production.  All told she’s got 75 titles to her name and has carved out a nice career.

A clip of Darbo after the jump….


Couldn’t find any movie clips.  Her voice is highly recognizable.

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