That Girl Actor of the Week: Katie Lowes

I bring up Katie Lowes for two reasons.   The first is that she’s got a great gig on a new show called “Scandal.”  This is by far her biggest break of her young career.   Lowes has been on and off acting since 2004.  I just wanted to give her credit where credit is due because up until now she’s had relatively small parts in films and television.  She played Tina in Super 8 and you might have caught her on Grey’s Anatomy or The Closer.

But the real reason I’m bringing up Katie is because she went to my high school.   Hello there Katie.  It’s Nat.  Just want to congratulate you on busting your ass to finally get yourself a regular part on television.  It’s well deserved.  You’re as gorgeous as ever and I completely regret never making an attempt on you in high school.

Now I’m married and I guess it was never meant to be!  Hahaha.  Seriously though.  Congratulations and I hope the show sticks.   See a clip of Kate after the jump….


Here’s an interview for Scandal.

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