Five Amusing Terry O’Quinn Non LOST Clips

Terry O’Quinn

Having gotten used to John Locke (and as Paul puts it “Not Locke”) it’s hard to piece together that of all the actors on LOST, Terry O’Quinn has the most credits to his name.

What’s even cooler is the fact that he’s had lots of roles where people now say “Oh yeah!  he was in that?  I totally forgot about that!”  And while I admit I didn’t know his name before LOST I definitely knew who we was.  Personally I loved him in The Stepfather and Rated X.   His list however is long and extensive so I don’t want to get into that.

But just to remind you that the man has an awesome history, I’ve found five entertaining clips of the actor.

Playing Guitar on MTV

Terry was on Mtv’s “The Big Picture” in 1989 to promote Stepfather 2 and he sang this little dandy of a song.

The Death Scene in Stepfather

Listen to the soundtrack.  O’Quinn goes to work here.  Nicely done!

O’Quinn Speaks German

I now want to find the location of the circle.

Singing in “The Last to Go”

God this is horrible.

As General Omar Santiago

He’s basically Locke here.  Omar Santiago though?

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