Team Fortress Ladies Night

Perhaps Team Fortress 2 was developed back before the whole “girls are gamers too” idea really came into the mainstream, because I can’t really think of a good explanation why every character in the game is male.

Artist Prospass couldn’t understand it either, and he developed a series that gave each class a female variant. It’s a more realistic art style than the cartoony nature of the original, but these are truly fantastic pieces. Also refreshing is the fact that they’re not overly sex-ified which is always a temptation when doing projects like this.

That’s the Sniper above, and see the rest of the classes below. There’s no spy? Well, that’s because she’s invisible, of course.

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  1. those are pretty awesome, TF2 and valve both just turned 16 the other day, talk about lasting power. I still play, talk about, find new content and websites posting about a game that is 16 years old. gabe you sly dog you…

  2. @wevs: Actually, I think it’s the 60’s, but yeah, there’d probably still be no women.

    @Charlie Ward: Check the TF2 wiki. I think the story is there.

    Still, it’s interesting to see well done femme!classes that aren’t overly sexualized.

  3. it is set in the 50s

    red and blu are waging wars and I THINK they are employed by the same people trying to get info on how to win a war

    “Get the intelligence”

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