Superman Over the Ages

superman ages

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Yeah, I just made a Superman post an hour ago, but that’s not going to stop me from showcasing this rather cool piece of art from DeviantArtist BongzBerry (sigh) showing the various looks of the Man of Steel over the years.

As I’ve never been much of a comics reader, I don’t understand most of these that don’t involve a blue suit and a red cape. Communist President Superman? Batman Superman? Tarzan Superman? It appears I have missed some rather wacky storylines over the years. I do remember when Superman died and then he split into Red and Blue electrical versions of himself for some reason. That was…odd.

Which of these is your favorite? Or I guess, which represents the “true” Superman to you? I’d probably say 1971’s Man of Tomorrow or 2010’s Young Justice. Though I do like “Epic Beard Superman” from At Earth’s Ends in 1995.


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  1. Hated (with a passion) that whole Superman-Red/Superman-Blue phase; it was horrible writing and horribly gimmicky. I’m one of the rare few who absolutely loved the whole ‘Death of Superman’ and ‘Reign of the Supermen’ era. That black Super-suit was tops; readers didn’t see it all that much, per se, because Supes wore it chiefly when he was in the Kryptonian Battlesuit (another inspired creation I’d love to see come back).

  2. honestly loved the darker side of superman, the black suits were absolutely awesome, the red/blue phase was a little weird, as was the phase of him basically copying batman, but the other suits were awesome, even the suit of Action Comics #1, made me remember his time in Smallville

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