5 Clips from the Insane Children’s Show Steampipe Alley


This one might be a little more for the older generation but for those of you who know who Mario Cantone is you might remember him doing a little show in the 80s-early 90s called Steampipe Alley.  As I look back on this show I now sort of realize what it is.  In the same light as He-Man it was a show that blatantly expressed Mario’s homosexuality disguised in children’s programming.

I’m amazed that this thing was even on.  From his Joan Rivers impression to flailing about the show I am by no means saying it’s wrong to be homosexual, but it’s very very evident that this was a “flaming” show and was really just a way for Mario to express himself.  As you may know, Mario now uses his homosexuality as the focal point in his stand up comedy.

And I have to admit, looking back as an adult, it was a pretty damned funny show.

Here are 5 clips from Steampipe Alley

The Intro

Wow, this is before homosexuality was very accepted on TV and this couldn’t be any “gayer.”

The Obstacle Course

What the hell is this show?

Mario does Joan Rivers on His Show

This is a kid’s show?

Mario’s Mom

Again, this is a kid’s show.

Morris the Cat Shows Up

Best part about this clip?  Pretty sure the first 2 seconds they were playing “Never gonna give you up”

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