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Game of Thrones Posters 2

We are now officially less than a month away from the return of Game of Thrones, and I get to start reviewing the episodes again! It’s always great fun to write about each week, guess what happens next, and murder people who dare even hint at book spoilers. Seriously guys, just stop.

HBO has debuted a new series of GoT posters featuring most of the major players. You can check them out below, but I am saddened by the complete lack of Varys and Petyr Baelish. Tyrion has never looked more badass though. Will that ever heal, or is his shit luck just going to never end?

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  1. never read a book or watched a single episode…everything i know about it is from little pics i see on this site.

    so maybe somebody can tell me if there is any storywise background why on some of the characters the light comes from the right and on other from the left side….does this mean good and bad or is it just random

  2. burnMe, I’ve been searching high and low for the answer to that one. I know the books and I can’t figure it out storywise. I saw a banner ad where all the faces with blue on the left were in one row, and all the ones with blue on the right were in another (with no obvious relationship emerging from the groupings). So maybe it’s as simple as that? The show also follows its own path, so maybe all will become clear as season 3 progresses.

    It definitely seems like a conscious choice in art direction, and it’s bugging me. WHAT DOES IT MEAN, MAN?

    Also: Tyrion. Meow. So glad they went with “handsome actor with hot scar” for the show instead of “hideously ugly with no nose” like the books. I’m sure sticklers cry foul there, but no complaints here.

  3. Can’t unsee! Damn it, burnMe! My guess is hack artist, but now I can’t stop trying to figure it out. Anyways, season 2 cut out too much character development for my taste, but I can about guarantee that season 3 (and maybe 4 depending on how they decide to pace it) will be the most brutal season of television ever aired. I envy those of you with HBO. Also, Clemens, there is something awesome about a woman who describes Peter Dinklage as “handsome”.


  4. I think he is categorically handsome. Look at his face! I don’t think I’m alone in that opinion, either.

    For the record, I’ve been openly crushing on him since The Station Agent days. *adjusts hipster glasses*

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