South Park Comes to Life

Damn, this is one of the coolest art projects I’ve seen in quite some time, and I feature a hell of a lot of these.

It’s from some mysterious site with no background or artist info, but the pictures speak for themselves. Someone envisioned what it might look like if the boys of South Park were in-fact real fourth graders, and the result is very impressive.

Whoever did these can draw children very well, and a reality-based South Park cast is almost eerie to behold. I particularly like Wendy and Butters, Stan and Kyle kind of look like they want to kill me. As for Cartman? You’ll see. Check out the rest below.










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  1. The episode of SP when the kids steal the whale at the local aquarium has a scene where the workers are trying to find the boys and doing a door-to-door. When they show people the picture and ask if they recognize these kids, the image is a real life drawing of what the boys would look like.

  2. I love Butters. He’s so sweet, and kind, and soft, and supple, and naive, and gullible, and his skin is like fresh cream. He’s perfect!

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