Someone Made A Real-Life LEGO Hair Bike Helmet


It’s not always easy to spot someone riding a bicycle.  Often times there might be considerable traffic and they’re just a spec on the map.  However, if you spotted someone wearing this LEGO helmet you might very well be able to see them much easier.  Seriously, how many real life people look like LEGO figures?  But that’s exactly what Simon Higby and Clara Prior wanted to do.

The two employees from the Stockholm and Copenhagen offices of worldwide advertising agency DDB decided to come up with a really cool concept for bike helmets.  Being aware that 44% of children surveyed don’t wear a helmet while riding a bike, they wanted to come up with a design that kids would want to wear without being forced.

The project was part of Higby’s MBA thesis and the pair enlisted the help of Danish design company MOEF who created the prototype for them last year.  Sadly it’s not actually a product yet but that doesn’t mean we can’t dream.  After all this could be a pioneer in bike helmets.  Why stop at LEGO?  Why not create bike helmets to look like any character from any movie, TV show, or video game?  That to me is some serious progress.

Watch the video below to see just how they made it.

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