Some Fantastic Alternate Game Cover Art

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Video game cover art is generally pretty crappy these days. The front is often a mere logo or a soldier or two walking toward the camera, the back a clutter of tiny screenshots and a three sentence plot synopsis and random glorified quotes from Game Informer.

But what if games went a more artistic route with their cover designs? That’s what Redditor RimmyMcJob (sigh) decided to find out, and he created this series of awesome alternative cover art that you can not only gawk at, but print out and use for yourself!

The full gallery of games he’s done is below, and here’s a link with printable versions of each.


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  1. Nice artwork. I’m going to use the Gears of War cover, mine doesn’t have one.

    I remember a long time ago there was a guy doing this for dvd covers. Not enhancing them artistically, but just making printable versions for those crappy cardboard covers, so you could put them in a proper case.

  2. The Resistance 3 artwork you could slip out of the box, flip over and reinsert to get a version without all the playstation logos, age rating, barcode etc. It was a really nice idea and executed well, more publishers should do this.

  3. But wouldn’t it be frustrating to walk into a game store, unable to open the cases, and only see pretty pictures and know nothing of the plot or the gameplay?

  4. @Mir – by the time most games come out, gamers have poured over every released screen shot, teaser and leak, it’s kind of redundant to have on the cover at this point

    But I do like the idea of having two sides – one with all the required stuff (ratings, logos, etc.) and then the other, more artsy side you can flip and use once you’ve bought the game.
    Or they could just put the ratings and logos on the plastic as (removable) decals.

  5. The two side idea would be great! Is any of these online by chance because I would love to be able to print? For I would love to be able to print atleast one of these.

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