Six Influential Dead Guys I’d Like to Have Dinner With

This is an article I wrote on another website that I felt appropriate to share on here given that these guys fall in line with much of the topics we talk about

I’d like to share with you a general statement I pretty much follow in my life: “I don’t like people.” I seriously don’t. I happen to be of the opinion that 99% of the population out there couldn’t hold a conversation if their lives depended on it. It doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate people or enjoy the beauties of women. It just means that for conversation’s sake I think many folks are dolts.

But in history if one could bring back certain individuals to speak with, I’m sure there are plenty I would like to company of.  Hell they’d probably think I was a dolt and not worth their time.

Still though, I’ve come up with six very smart deceased individuals with whom I’d like to sit down and have a meal with….

Albert Einstein

First of all, the hair. That’s obvious. Just shooting the shit with old Albert and having some beers would eventually get funny just because of his wacked out hair. But in all seriousness this guy just seemed up my alley as an awesome dude to hang out with. Anti conformity. He does what he thinks is right and constantly challenges systems that are supposed to be established. Oh and that theory of E=MC2 isn’t so bad either.

Benjamin Graham

He is sometimes called the “father of investing” and Benjamin Graham is the reason that many successful investors are around today. He invented value investing and believed in buying a company because of its actual and real financials, management, values and not because of what it was necessarily doing in the market (all relative to it’s price). P.S. it had to be undervalued according to Graham. The point is that no one knew better how to invest money wisely in the market than Graham and I’m sure a couple hour dinner session with the man could change your whole life.

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  1. I was going through this list, saying, “I swear if Thomas Edison is on this list, I’m gonna flip shit. Tesla is SO much better!”

    Then to my surprise, I read Tesla’s name and my face when? fuckyeah.jpg

  2. I did get to meet him thankfully, but I would’ve LOVED to have a real sit-down conversation with George Carlin. Kubrick would be in a VERY close second. Bruce Lee is definitely up there as well.

  3. Hemingway and Capone were dicks. Seriously, how do you get through a dinner with Hemingway or Capone without getting a bottle broken over your head – at best?

    Malcolm X
    Benjamin Franklin
    Charles Darwin
    Martin Luther

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