Riker vs. Creepers

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Ever have a really strange dream where Star Trek’s Riker was slaying Minecraft creepers with a sword? Well, you’re in luck, as someone has painted that EXACT image for you above.

It’s not quite as random as you might imagine on first glance. It’s actually fanart created for the highly popular Yogscast where Xephos’ character has this Riker skin. Alright, that only makes it slightly less random.

Artist’s site is here for more. I can’t help but think we’ve featured him at least one other time.

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  1. Actually, that’s Simon from the Yogscast, a YouTube channel that does videos about video games, but they’re most famous for their Minecraft videos. Simon’s Minecraft avatar looks like Riker from Star Trek. If you look at the artist’s gallery, you’ll see a similar painting, but of Lewis from the Yogscast (it’s a dwarf with a diamond axe and bright orange beard).

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