Ranking the Five Best Palaces in Persona 5

Whether you’re new to the “Persona 5” video game or you’re partway through, we have some intel that might inspire you as you continue in your journey. Players that completed the game look back over their experiences. They ranked the palaces to share which they liked the best, the worst, and the reasons why. We weren’t as concerned about the bottom scores. We’ve gathered input on the most popular palaces to bring you the latest about ranking the top 5 palaces in “Persona 5.”

5. Madarame’s Museum of Vanity

Eggo Reviews listed this palace as the fifth-best in the game. If you haven’t already come across Madrame’s Museum of Vanity, it’s the second palace you’re going to encounter. It ranked fifth because of the visuals surrounding the structure. Prepare for a surreal experience which is also a bit challenging. The palace is at the ideal level for skill-building. It’s not too difficult but it’s challenging enough to keep the game interesting. It gets high marks for the visuals, but the corridors seem to never come to an end. Tripwires are something you’ll need to watch out for because they can get you fast. The vibe is surreal because of the distorted paintings and the gold plated mazes. It’s a bit of a psychological trip. The dungeon provides a solid experience from beginning to end and you’re going to love the conclusion when you finally meet with the boss for the final fight.

4. Kamoshid’s Castle of Lust

The reviews continue with Kamoshid’s Castle of Lust. In “Persona 5,” the most hated foe is Kamoshida. You get a real sense of accomplishment when you take him down. The dungeon is a good place to build your skills. It’s interesting on a visual level, but not too complicated or busy. This is a straightforward palace that starts small and builds in intensity as you progress toward the end. Each character is well-introduced so you know what you’re getting into and it’s a cool story. The puzzles in the dungeon aren’t that difficult and they’re varied enough to keep you satisfied with the challenges. You learn what you need to know as you progress through the insides of the palace and the information you gain will help you later in the game. It’s a cool castle and you get to fight a frightening demon of lust at the end. Taking him down is fairly satisfying. Overall, it’s an excellent experience with few reasons to rant.

3. Futaba’s Palace

The Gamer gives us some cool insights into Futaba’s Palace. It’s one of the best palaces in Persona 5 because of all the great and exciting areas it offers for exploration. The palace is an inspiration from JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure. Reall the Phantom Thieves? They’re transported from Japan to the setting in Egypt. The pyramid alone offers a lot of great places to explore, but there’s even more. There’s also a town nearby to give you plenty to do. The aesthetics in this palace are fairly remarkable.

2. Sae’s Palace

Sae’s Palace is one that we put in second place, but really, it should probably be tied with the first. This is one of the best Palaces you’ll fin in Persona 5. There are a lot of features that you’ll discover there that we think you’ll like. One of the best is that you can cheat at dice. Akechi comes on board also. You’ll love going through the casino, but here’s a word of warning. you need to be fully prepared because if you’re not, it’s going to be uber difficult. You’re about to the final challenge when you reach this point. When you finally come up against Sae, the build-up in the intensity of the challenges will be worth it all. Some of the best elements in the game are embodied in Sae’s Palace, but you’ll have to go there to truly discover why.

1. The Final Palace

Game Rant helps us describe why the Final Palace is easily the best in Persona 5. At this point in the game, the Phantom Thieves are prepared for their last confrontation. There is some heavy work to be done at this phase, so i’s not a time to relax and claim victory. You’ve got to be on your toes because things are moving fast, but they’re also getting more intensely enjoyable. Many players appreciate the red and black colors in this palace. The aesthetics are a bit stark, but they’re still cool. the puzzle mechanic is a lot of fun, but you come to the knowledge of some grim truths when you enter this unique and distinctly different palace. It’s set aside from all the rest. This is where things get personal and you’ll have a lot of these moments in the Final Palace. It’s where everything culminates and begins to unfold. Are you ready for the Final palace? A world-ending battle is about to take place and you can’t escape the fear and thrill of the events as they unfold and propel you closer to the end.

Final thoughts

Picks for the best 5 palaces in “Persona 5” are the most intriguing places you’ll find in the game. While these are listed in the order of their popularity, it’s not set in stone that one is better than the other. After you’ve completed them it will be your turn to rank the five best palaces in Persona 5. Let the rest of the world know what you think, but be sure to give them all the juicy details about your experience. Let them know why some are better than others and don’t be afraid to point out any flaws.

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