Pretty Damn Cool Animated Comic Book Covers

The GIF is an artistic tool that has far more implications than simply showing cats cuddling each other. If used properly, it can make for pretty cool motion images, something that is demonstrated most clearly by this comic cover series by Kerry Callen.

He took a number of iconic comic covers from The Amazing Spider-Man to The Dark Knight Returns to the JLA to Iron Man and make them move the way they might if they were an animated series, rather than a motionless book. The effect is pretty cool, and my favorite, trapped Spidey, is above.

You can check out the rest of them below and see more of Kerry’s comic fiddling at his site.

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  1. With comics becoming available digitally, along with almost every other thing we put on paper, I think it’s only a matter of time before comics become animated. Not big things, like cartoons, more like the motion comics, without the voice-acting. (you can see this on Netflix or Youtube in Astonishing X-Men).

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